Luxuriously Soft - Instantly Cool

Designed in Melbourne, our curated collection of instant cooling scarves, cooling wraps and cooling bandanas is beautifully crafted to help you look hot, stay cool all day, all night.

For stylish, effortlessly cool dressing, these super chic cooling accessories blend fashion with function to take you from workout to work wear to WOW.


Infused with a miracle cooling effect that lasts for hours and hours, the Sheez Cool secret is in the unique fabric construction, which absorbs moisture without feeling heavy or wet. Once your cooling bandana, cooling scarf or cooling wrap has been activated, it will stay up to 8° cooler than your coolest clothing. Cooler than cotton, cooler than bamboo and cooler than traditional moisture wicking fabrics, Sheez Cool offers instant cooling relief while elevating any outfit to a beautiful on-trend aesthetic. (Cooling Tech)

Cooler workout: Want to maximise your workout? With Sheez Cool cooling accessories, you can work harder for longer – even on the hottest days.

Cooler workwear: Want to look super cool at work? Add a cooling bandana or scarf to your outfit and keep a cool head all day.

Cooler statement dressing: Want to be the picture of cool sophistication at daytime events, cocktail parties and resort holidays? Style your look with a cooling wrap, cooling scarf or cooling bandana to add a head-turning element to your celebration dressing. 

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