If they can make an electric blanket, why can’t they make a cool sheet?”


This was the question that popped in my head in 2017 when my husband and I were on a particularly long, hot walk while holidaying in Tasmania and I experienced the murmurings of my very first hot flush.


Hello peri-menopause, which I’m now convinced is named after the infamous Peri-Peri sauce. The really, really hot kind.


As an advertising writer of some 20+ years, ideas come and go, but this particular thought stayed with me long after we had returned to our hometown of Melbourne. A few months later the idea had evolved from bedding to clothing and suddenly I was immersed in a sea of textile talk, learning about Weft, Weave and Griege (which is, disappointingly, not at all related to the Pinot Gris family).


Creating gorgeous looking clothing that actually cools you down proved an almighty challenge, but with lashings of naivety, dogged determination and asking the question “but why can’t it be done” a million times, Sheez Cool was finally a reality.


The beauty of Sheez Cool is that it can be worn by anyone (not just us flushing brides) anytime, for any activity. We’ve had women wearing our scarves to lunch and dinner, to the theatre, on holidays, planes, working out, golfing… you name it. You’ll see me wearing mine unactivated on a cool day, as the colours work beautifully with Melbourne’s famous ‘black’ uniform.


Despite navigating the mad world of advertising and film making since I was a teenager, and despite everything else I’ve achieved, if Sheez Cool helps you love life by even just a few degrees more, well, it’ll be the coolest thing I’ve ever done.