Q & A

Frequently asked questions

Are you sure? Can Sheez Cool products really cool me down?

Yes and yes. We know it, because we’ve tried it ourselves in sweaty Darwin, humid Queensland, scorching Adelaide and permanently hot Perth! We even armed ourselves with a special Infrared thermometer to make absolutely sure. Compared to an ordinary cotton top, Sheez Cool was between 6-8° cooler.

How long does the cooling effect last?

Depending on the weather conditions and the activity you’re doing, once activated, Sheez Cool can keep its cooling effect for hours. Behind the science, there’s a real ‘feel-good’ factor that comes into play when you’re turning into sweaty Betty and you reactivate your scarf or bandana by waving and hello – Sheez Cool again!

Can Sheez Cool last all night?

That’s rather personal isn’t it? Fact is, yes. If you activate her before you go to bed and leave her on the bedside table, she’ll still be cool in the morning. So if you get hot during the night for whatever reason (ahem), simply place Sheez Cool on your body and ahhhh.

Can I machine wash Sheez Cool?

Sheez not precious. Because of the specially constructed yarn, Sheez Cool will NEVER lose her cooling powers no matter how many times you wash her. All we ask is that you give her a cold wash and don’t use any of those nasty softeners.