1. For instant super cool activation that lasts for hours, wet Sheez Cool in water.

  2. Wring thoroughly

  3. Activate Sheez Cool by waving or snapping vigorously for at least 30 seconds.

When Sheez Cool starts to feel warmer around your neck or body, simply remove it and wave it again for another 30 seconds for instant reactivated cool. When the fabric is totally dry, re-wet and repeat the process to stay cool all day, all night.

Here's a brrrrilliant tip for relieving night sweats or sleeping in a hot bedroom: Activate Sheez Cool before you go to bed and leave it on the bedside table. She'll stay cool all night - and that's a promise! 


Because the moisture retention properties are constructed within the yarn, Sheez Cool NEVER loses her cooling power, no how many times you use it, wear it, or wash it.

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