Add a flourish of Sheez Cool to any outfit or activity and trust us, you’ll be a changed woman! Bye bye sweaty necks, flushed skin, hot heads, dripping makeup (and how could we forget boob sweat!)


Working out: Sheez Cool for the gym, running, walking, hiking, golfing, bowling, tennis, cycling, kayaking, horseriding, boot camps hot yoga classes...

Working: Sheez Cool for gardening, cleaning, driving, DIYers, tradies, outdoor workers, chefs, waitresses, home office workers, 9-5ers, doggie walkers…

Working a look: Sheez Cool wraps and bandanas add an extra element of cool to  any outfit at festivals, markets, BBQ’s, lunches, tropical holidays, caravan and camping, sightseeing, overseas adventures, outdoor dining, yachting, cruising…

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